Persuance of Beauty

Mainly weight loss with a dash of random whimsy and a sprinkle of pianistic aspirations

My sister is back….

And come the amazing Kelleyisms:

"Where are they! I need my fuzzy bankies, sometimes a girl just needs to wrap up in a fuzzy bankie. Give them back!"-drunkenly accusing me of stealing her blankets, which had in fact been folded up into her closet

"I told him, Yeah I am fucking gorgeous and a model and I can’t understand how any guy could possibly turn me down for sex!"-last night I had to explain to her that sometimes….looks are not everything when she told me about a guy turning her down.

"Shut up, you know I’m fucking gorgeous in all of these"-forcing me to look at modeling photos of her, they were terrible photos and horribly photoshopped and I told her how awful they were after she asked for my honest opinion and even said she hated them.

Seriously, she’s just fucking awful. I feel like every other sentence she says is something about how she’s so devastatingly beautiful. She doesn’t work, my parents buy everything for her. She’s a total spoiled brat and she is constantly fishing for compliments and insisting you tell her how beautiful she is all the time. Ugh……